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Check out our essential packing guide for kitesurfing in Cocos Islands.

Going kitesurfing in the Cocos (K) Islands? This beautiful Indian Ocean paradise is kitesurfers’ dream. Both beginners and pros may surf its regular breezes and pleasant waters. However, packing for such a trip can be difficult, especially for sports beginners. This simple advice will help you pack everything you need.

Preparation: Before Packing

Check these things before packing your bags:

Check Your Gear: If you haven’t kite surfed recently, check your gear. Check your kite for damage, tune your bar and lines and check your board and bindings.

Rent or Buy Gear: If you’re new to kitesurfing, rent or buy gear. Look into hire/buy options that let you trial gear before buying.

What to Bring for Cocos Islands Kitesurfing?

Cocos Islands is warm but windy, so pack accordingly. You should bring:

Clothes: Pack shirts, shorts, beach skirts, and long-sleeve tops. Bring a lightweight jacket, cap, sunglasses, and thongs or sandals.

Kitesurfing Gear: Choose kite sizes by weight. Two kites, a harness, a twin-tip board, bindings, and a repair kit are required. Bring extra bars or lines.

Water and Beach Gear: Boardshorts, bathers, rash shirts, neoprene tops. Helmets and impact vests add safety. Booties, lycra leggings, surf hats, and beach towels are essential.

Other essentials: Bring a reusable water bottle, waterproof bag, reef-safe sunscreen, first aid kit, and prescriptions.

Travel and Packing Tips

Trying to pack kitesurfing gear within the weight limit is difficult. Here are some tips:

  • Wheelie kiteboard bags make carrying stuff easier.
  • If you have many bags, label one ‘Priority’. This bag holds necessary kite gear, clothes, and toiletries.
  • Use a lightweight kite compression bag to save space. Protect your board with wetsuits or towels.
  • Consider wearing your harness on the plane if you’re over the weight restriction (remove the spreader bar and safety knife).
  • Bar and lines may be confiscated if carried on, so pack them in checked luggage.
  • Bring your passport if you’re not an Australian. A driver’s licence should do for Australians.


Kitesurfing in the Cocos Islands requires some planning, especially for beginners. This short guide will guarantee you have everything you need for a great, hassle-free kitesurfing experience. Remember, being prepared lets you enjoy the waves and lush surroundings of this unique area.

Remember: Kitesurfing success depends on preparedness. Make sure your gear is checked and packed for an amazing Cocos Islands vacation!

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