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Colombia’s Rock of Wonder- Guatapé and the Majestic Piedra del Peol-

Guatapé, the little village in Colombia’s lush surroundings, is famous for its vivid buildings and a remarkable rock known as Piedra del Peol. This place has become a tourist attraction, offering stunning vistas as well as a rich cultural experience.

The Wonderful Piedra del Peol

Every tourist is captivated by Piedra del Peol, a towering rock formation unlike any other in the vicinity. This rock, which was historically worshipped by native people, stands exquisitely among the surrounding green hills. The most remarkable aspect of the rock is a staircase squeezed into a tiny vertical crack that leads to the top. Climbing these 650 steps provides a wonderful vista that many consider to be unmatched.

The Luis Villegas Legacy

Murals and a statue dedicated to Luis Villegas, the first person to climb Piedra del Peol in 1954, can be found atop Piedra del Peol. Luis Villegas, known as a visionary and a “man with God in his heart,” is credited with transforming

Guatapé into a successful tourism and adventure sports destination. In the heart of this region, his pioneering spirit lives on.

Guatapé Town's Appeal

Apart from the rock, Guatapé is a wonder in and of itself. The town is dotted with brightly coloured cottages, each with beautifully sculpted images of village life. Visitors can browse art galleries, unwind at quaint cafes, and see the gorgeous colonial-era church. Guatapé’s streets are a cultural and historical canvas, inviting everyone to explore and enjoy.

Guatapé and Piedra del Peol visits

Guatapé is a short distance from Medellin. Travelers can take the metro to Terminal del Norte before transferring to a bus to Guatapé. The entrance charge to Piedra del Peol is reasonable, making this journey accessible to a wide range of people.

Guatapé and Piedra del Peol are more than just tourist attractions; they are immersions into Colombia’s colorful culture and natural marvels. It’s a trip that offers visual treats, a dash of adventure, and a strong connection to the region’s history and beauty.

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