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Denver Bites: A Flavorful Foodie Adventure Through the Mile High City

Tired of generic, boring sightseeing and bland bites? No need now because Denver’s culinary view is a vibrant tapestry woven with mountain-fresh ingredients, innovative chefs, and unexpected twists. 

From award-winning breweries to hidden mom-and-pop gems, this city’s got a tastebud-tingling experience for every palate. 

So, get on your bike, your favorite car, or just take a local train from your neighborhood because we’re about to begin on a delicious food journey through Denver’s diverse foodiest neighborhoods and hidden culinary alleys.

For the Culinary Adventurer

Local Table Food Tours: Avoid any tourist traps and welcome Denver’s off-the-beaten-path bites. Sample unique doughnuts on their Coffee and Doughnut Tasting Tour, or explore the quirky flavors of RiNo on their street food crawl. Local Table takes you beyond the usual suspects, showing you a Denver (and a palate) you’ve never seen before.

For the History Buff with a Hungry Palate

Delicious Denver Food Tours: Dive into Denver’s rich history and evolving food scene on their Downtown Food Tour. Savor signature dishes like gourmet hot dogs and Southwestern fusion cuisine, while learning about the city’s culinary journey from mining camp to foodie haven.

For the Beer Enthusiast (Beyond the Buzz)

Denver Microbrew Tours: Forget generic pub crawls, Denver Microbrew Tours takes you behind the scenes of award-winning breweries. Learn the “Beer 101” on their RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour, or get hands-on with the brewing process on their Downtown Brewery Tour. Brush up your Denver beer cred and discover hidden gems along the way.

For the Cocktail Connoisseur

Stranahan’s Homegrown Tour: Immerse yourself in the world of Colorado whiskey with a tour of the iconic Stranahan’s distillery. Learn the secrets of their smooth single malt, savor three tastings, and feel the passion of Denver’s craft spirit scene.

For the Foodie Wanderer

Centennial Specialty Tours: Throw the ordinary and embrace the quirky! Wake and Bake Brunch Bus anyone? This party bus takes you on a brunch crawl through Denver, featuring donuts, biscuit sandwiches, and (you guessed it) legal weed dispensaries. It’s a unique and unforgettable way to experience Denver’s vibrant culture.

Beyond the Bites

Denver Central Market: A foodie paradise with everything from fresh produce to artisanal cheeses and international street food. Don’t miss the rooftop food hall for stunning views and diverse culinary options.

Larimer Square: This historic district is a haven for trendy cafes, upscale restaurants, and hidden patios. Perfect for a leisurely stroll and a delicious bite.

RiNo Art District: Discover street art, trendy murals, and a booming craft beer scene. Grab a bite at a local brewery or food truck and soak up the creative vibes.

Bonus Tip: Explore Denver’s diverse neighborhoods beyond the tourist trail. In LoDo, find historic bars and gastropubs. In Capitol Hill, wander through charming streets and discover hidden gems. And in Uptown, enjoy trendy restaurants and lively nightlife.

Now, put your dusty guidebook aside and come out of your safe spaces to enjoy Denver’s culinary scene, though one bite at a time! Denver is truly far more than just mountains and cowboys. 

Happy truly Denver-flavored enjoyment! 

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