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Discover Italy's Enchanting Lakes: Como, Orta, and Garda

Some of the most beautiful lakes can be found in Italy famous for its historical past as well as attractive views. Each of these lakes is different from one another but beautiful as well. For example, from the glamourous Lake Como to magic Lake Orta and also the stunning Lake Garda in Lombardy. And, here is a sneak peek into these magical places.

1. The Glamor of Lake Como

Being the foothills of the Alps, Lake Coma has always been related to lavishness and beauty. Celebrities and travellers love it because it has a blend of luxury and beauty of nature.

Scenic Beauty: It surrounds the picturesque lake and provides a beautiful view wherever you look. It would be a loss not to experience it with a boat ride on its tranquil waters.

Luxurious Villas: Opulent villas and gardens adorn the shores of Lake Como where they tell tales of wealth and culture. These include Villa Carlotta and Villa del Balbianello which are two must-see villas while in Italy.

Charming Towns: Visit some pretty neighbourhoods such as, but not limited to, Bellagio nicknamed ‘The Pear of the Leake’ and colourful Varenna for its narrow medieval streets and lively environment.

2. Magical Lake Orta- An unexplored gem.

Lake Orta, which is usually forgotten because of its bigger brothers is an enthralling and calm place to go. It’s probably the most favourite Italian lake.

Untouched Beauty: More private and quieter than many other lakes in Italy; Lake Orta is a serene place where one can get away from it all.

San Giulio Island: San Giulio Island is the top destination in Lake Orta which has a basilica and a monastery whose magic cannot be compared with that of any other island or lake.

Scenic Walks: Go for a relaxing walk along the lakeside paths or explore Orta San Giula, an old medieval hamlet.

3. The city of Brescia – A very beautiful place near Lake Garda in Lombardy.

A small town near Lake Garda, Brescia is a treasure of arts, history, and nature.

Lake Garda: Italy’s biggest lake that houses clear waters and a variety of terrains including sandy shores and flourishing olive farms.

Historic Brescia: Visit Brescia for its Roman archaeological site, Renaissance piazze (squares), and San Salvatore-Santa Giulia UNESCO heritage site.

Adventurous Activities: Paradise for adventurers lies in Lake Garda. There are numerous activities such as sailing, windsurfing, hiking, and even cycling to choose from.


In Conclusion, Lake Como, Lake Orta, and Lake Garda all have individual charming experiences embedded in the surroundings, heritage and culture. Starting from the glamourous shores of Lake Como, through Lake Orta, and to the energetic landscape of Lake Garda and Brescia all these destinations have something to offer. The Italian lakes have everything one needs for a memorable vacation—a luxurious break, peaceful escape or adventure time out. The location in which these hotels are situated, near wonderful sceneries, historic sites and a variety of exciting activities, makes them very suitable for
those who appreciate the good things in life, as well as simple nature’s pleasures. It is not simply an excursion across scenic territories, but a voyage into the soul of Italian beauty, grace, and magnificence.

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