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Discover the Best 8 Beaches of Mexico: A Paradise Awaiting You

Mexico is a beach lover’s dream, with its sun-kissed shores, clear waters, and beautiful sand beaches. These eight of Mexico’s best beaches have something for everyone, whether you like thrills, sunbathing, or learning about other cultures. Let’s jump right in!

1. Casa Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Lover’s Beach is a peaceful spot next to the famous Land’s End Arch that’s great for both couples and children. This hidden spot can only be reached by water taxi. It has beautiful views and is a great place to snorkel and dive, making it one of the best beaches in Los Cabos for swimming.

2. Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Medano Beach is known as the best place to party, and it’s always busy. Along the busy beach, there are high-end resorts, shops, and bars. This is a great place to relax in the Mexican sun, enjoy water sports, or eat delicious food.

3. Old Man's Beach (Playa Acapulquito) in San José del Cabo

Playa Acapulquito, which locals call “Old Man’s Beach,” is a great place for surfers. This beach has great waves and a calm atmosphere, no matter how good a surfer you are or how eager you are to learn. Don’t forget to try the delicious local food at the places by the beach!

4. San José del Cabo's Costa Azul Beach

The Los Cabos Open of Surf takes place at Costa Azul Beach every June, making it a great place for surfers. This beach has breaks for all skill levels, as well as horseback riding and walking options. It’s a great place to relax and have fun at the same time.

5. San José del Cabo's Palmilla Beach

Looking for peace? Palmilla Beach is the place for you. This beach is great for families because it is surrounded by high-end homes and the famous One  Only Hotel resort. The water is calm, and the views are beautiful. Remember to bring the things you need n because the beach doesn’t have many services.

6. Playa Santa Maria in Los Cabos

With a Blue Flag rating, Playa Santa Maria Beach is a quiet cove that draws people in with its circle shape and colourful sea life. You can snorkel and swim in this protected haven, which ensures you have a fun and safe time.

7. Chileno Beach in Los Cabos Island

Chileno Beach has a Blue Flag safety grade and is popular with both locals and tourists because of its calm waters and lots of sea life. This beach has a laid-back vibe and lots of fun things to do, making it great for kids, snorkelers, and divers.

8. The El Tule Beach in Los Cabos

El Tule Beach is a hidden gem known for its long stretch of sand and great surfing conditions. This place is great for people who want to get away from it all in peace and have the option to surf big waves.


From the lively party scene at Medano Beach to the peaceful coves at Playa Santa Maria, Mexico’s beaches have something for every type of traveller. So, get your bags ready and get ready to explore these beautiful shores that offer great memories and picture perfect moments.

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