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Discover the Different Types of Accommodations in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country with lots of wildlife and lovely nature scenes. It has many different places to stay for travellers. From places like fancy hotels in the jungle to camps that move, each one is special. Let’s look at these choices and see why they might be just right for your trip.

1. Safari Lodges

Safari Lodges are like big hotels in the wild. They are strong and have everything you need, just like a regular hotel. You can see animals and nature right from where you stay. Some safari lodges in Kenya are Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge, Ol Donyo Lodge, Angama Mara, and The Sanctuary.

Why Stay Here: If you want a comfy and fancy place close to nature, these lodges are perfect. They are great for a calm and easy time in the wild.

2. Permanent Camps

Permanent camps are a mix of a lodge and a camp. They stay in one place. These camps have tents or small houses with beds and sometimes your own bathroom.

Permanent camps like Mara Noboisho, Little Governor’s Camp, Sala’s Camp, and Ekorian Mugie Camp offer a close-up experience with nature.

Why Stay Here: These camps let you feel like you’re in the wild but still have some comforts. They are good for people who want some adventure but not too much.

3. Bush Camps

Bush camps are simple and close to nature. They are often in far-off places. You might stay in tents and share things like bathrooms.

Bush camps like Mara Bush Camp, Kicheche Bush Camp, and Muthaiga Safari Camp are there.

Why Stay Here: Bush camps are for people who love nature. If you like simple living and want to feel part of the wild, these are perfect. They give a real safari feel.

4. Mobile Tented Camps

Mobile tented camps move from place to place. They are tents set up in different spots based on the time of year or where animals are. Some mobile camps in Kenya include Natural Habitat Private Luxury Mobile Tented Camp, Dorobo Mobile Camp, and Nairobi Tented Camp.

Why Stay Here: These camps are for people who love adventures. If you want to follow the animals and don’t mind moving, this is an exciting way to see Kenya’s wildlife.

5. Fly Camps or Walking Camps

Fly camps or walking camps are for big adventures. They are small camps set up for a night or two, usually as part of a walking safari.

Why Stay Here: If you love adventures and walking, these camps are for you. They let you get close to nature and wildlife in a special way. It’s like camping but with guides and a bit more comfort.

Kenya has places to stay for every kind of traveller. Whether you want something fancy, adventurous, or in-between, there’s a spot for you. Each place lets you get close to Kenya’s beautiful nature in its special way. So, pick the one that fits you best and get ready for an amazing experience!

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