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Exploring Nigeria: Six Incredible Places to Visit in 2023

Nigeria is a unique country where you may see how people live in their most authentic form. Nigeria has a lot to offer, from Victoria Island in Lagos to the posh presidential compound in Abuja and the exquisite gardens in Ibadan. We’ve chosen the best destinations for you to visit, including historical sites and UNESCO World Heritage sites, so you can organise a pleasant trip.

1. Lagos: Lagos is one of Nigeria’s largest and busiest cities. People hustle to make money here, which is fascinating to observe as you walk through the bustling streets. Its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean makes it ideal for sightseeing and history tours. You’ll find everything here, from delicious restaurants to luxurious lodging.

2. Abuja: Abuja became Nigeria’s capital in 1991, and it has since become a popular tourist destination. Begin your journey at the Abuja Millennium Park and then proceed to the Central Bank’s Currency Museum to learn about the history of money. Wuse Market is a great place to get some wonderful street food and beautiful wood-crafted artwork as mementos.

3. Port Harcourt: The capital of Rivers State and a significant port. It is a busy oil industry town that is home to a variety of people including Ijaw, Ikwerre, and English speakers. Explore the beautiful beaches and neighbourhoods to see how people live. It’s a must-see destination in Nigeria!

4. Ibadan: Ibadan is located on seven hills in northwestern Nigeria. Its history is largely told through stories. From 1892 forward, you can learn about the culture and events. If you’re looking for undiscovered civilizations, this is the place to go.

5. Yankari Game Reserve: Located in Bauchi State, this wildlife paradise spans 2,244 square kilometres! It is home to several unusual animals. The warm water springs here are ideal for unwinding before embarking on a safari.

6. Calabar: Often known as Old Calabar, it is the capital of Cross River state in the southeast. Learn about the history of the National Museum. Then, pay a visit to Duke Town Church and Cross River National Park for breathtaking vistas that make it one of Nigeria’s most attractive spots.

Nigeria awaits you to discover its bustling cities, diversified cultures, and spectacular natural wonders. Each location has something unique to offer, ensuring an amazing trip!

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