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Travelling to France: The Best Way of Enjoying a Memorable Holiday.

Hey everyone! Let’s discuss visiting the wonderful France country. It is one of the places, where you have an opportunity to visit and taste some delicacies like wines or desserts. The way French people eat their food has even been referred to as a world heritage in 2010. France can offer you a great fun family trip, exciting adventure, and everything else that you might interested in. Here’s how to make your French vacation perfect:

Planning Your Budget:

1. Consider how much money is required for accommodation, transportation, shopping, visiting places, food etc. before your departure.
2. Estimate your food budget and compare food costs with that spent at home to know your spending.
3. Go through your bank statements to pinpoint some expenditures that you could forego prior to the vacation.
4. The 50/30/20 rule is a good way of doing the budget and managing your
money effectively.

Managing Money in France:

1. Ensure that your debit card will work while you are in France and inform your bank that you’re travelling.
2. Make sure you do not pay additional charges for using your card overseas.
3. Immediately get in touch with your bank if your debit or ATM card gets lost.
Consider getting travel insurance because you might have an emergency or a change of plans.

Where to Go in France:

1. For Families: Visit Perigueux in southwest France. The town is very nice and there are many things that families can do together, such as parks, markets or adventure parks.

2. For Adventure Seekers: Outdoor activities such as biking, water sports, and hiking in Annecy, sometimes referred to as the Venice of the Alps, are also excellent choices.

3. For Culture Lovers: Indeed, you can visit Paris’s renowned attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and many museums. It is ideal for sightseeing, art, music, and tasty food.

Getting Around in France:

1. The rail system of France is big and connects many areas. The TGV, Intercités, and TER are some of these fast trains.
2. Please always check and stamp the train ticket to evade the penalties.
3. Companies like Sixt and Avis offer car rental services. Find the right offer by using price comparison sites.
4. In case of short trips, you can use apps like ZipCar or rent a scooter/bike.
5. Also consider taking a bus, metro or tram.

Traveling During Covid-19:

1. In case, you are vaccinated, you may not be tested, but you have to prove that you are vaccinated prior to entry into France.
2. Unvaccinated travellers need a negative test result and might need a strong reason to visit if they’re from certain countries.

So, there you have it! A simple guide to enjoying your tour in France. Imagine sitting down with a bottle of your favourite wine while savouring scrumptious cakes since now you know all your preparations were made spot on. Therefore, start planning your journey to France.

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