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Where to Stay in Morocco: A Quick Guide

Morocco is a fantastic place to visit. It boasts beaches, crowded cities, and massive mountains. When you go there, you can stay in a variety of accommodations. Each one is unique and contributes to the enjoyment of your journey. If you’re not sure what a riad or gite is, or if you’re curious about desert camps, here’s an easy guide to get you started.

1. Riads

Riads are like urban secret gardens. They appear to be a door in a wall from the outside. But on the inside, they are stunning! They are relatively calm and include gardens and fountains in the midst. The rooms are lovely, with wooden doors and brightly coloured tiling. Breakfast is often served in the garden or on the roof. You can see the city and hear the call to prayer from the roof.

2. Gites

Gites are located in the mountains. They are simple mud-brick dwellings. They have low-slung roofs and attractive native embellishment. They are comfortable and simple. There will be lighting and a bathroom. In a large room, you can eat with everyone and sometimes meet local families.

3. Desert Camps

In the Sahara Desert, desert camps allow you to sleep under the stars. They might be simple or elaborate. The most basic have large tents with beds and carpets. You may have to walk a short distance to use the lavatory, and there is typically no electricity, but they provide you with water and soap. The most expensive ones offer larger beds and their own bathrooms. All camps are enjoyable, with campfires, storytelling, and stargazing.

4. Nomadic Camps

The nomadic people of the area live in nomadic camps. They pitch tents near bodies of water and travel with the seasons. These camps offer places for animals, cooking, and sleeping tents for visitors. It’s an excellent approach to learning about nomadic life.

5. Trains that run overnight

Overnight trains are a convenient method to travel and sleep. You share a room with beds that also serve as seats. They provide you with pillows and blankets. It can get hot in here, but there is air conditioning. The train has a bathroom and a cart for food and drinks, but many people bring their own food.

There are plenty of fascinating locations to stay in Morocco. You have the option of living near the beach, in the city, in the mountains, or the desert. Each location is a vital part of the Moroccan trip. So, consider what you enjoy and choose a place to stay that will make your trip memorable!

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