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10 award-winning villages in Germany that you may not have known about

Do you want to get away to a quiet place? Germany has a lot of beautiful towns that are full of different kinds of charm. Ten towns were recently honoured in the "Our Village Has a Future" contest for how adorable they look and how friendly their people are. We should begin to visit these wonderful places right away.

1.The Manor Estate of Basedow in the lap of nature

The town of Basedow is tucked away in the Mecklenburg Lake District and feels like it’s from a different time. The manor land includes the baroque Schloss Basedow. There are also trees that are hundreds of years old and beautiful views of the castle, car house, and church.

2. Sipplingen- A great place to enjoy Lake Constance.

Think about bike tracks around Lake Constance that go through fruit trees in bloom. In April, plums and cherries bloom in Sipplingen. In June, apple trees bloom first, then pears. This is a great place to go camping, see the sights of Germany’;s largest lake, or do water sports.

3. Oberbayern's Amerang - A place to get away for culture.

Amerang in Bayern is a place for people who love both culture and cars. Among the three museums, one has more than two hundred classic cars. The Farmhouse Museum and the palatial grounds of Chiemsee Palace show Bavarian history.

4. Wiesenburg: A beautiful touch of the strange in Brandenburg.

Rhododendrons and other foreign plants make Weisenburg a beautiful place to see. The Wiesenburg Palace Garden turns into a colourful painting in May. There is an art trail in this cute town with almost thirty creative installations.

5. Upper Sauerland, Germany, The Rose Village

The roses in Assinghausen bloom from May to September and come in more than 150 different types. Take a walk through the roses that grow between the black slate roofs and the old-fashioned half-timbered houses.

6. Monreal- Half-Timbered Beauty in Eiffel

If you walk along the cobblestone streets of Monreal, you can hear the sound of the Elzbach stream. This is called “half-timbered beauty in the Eifel.” This once-bustling centre for making cloth has beautiful half-timbered homes and the grand ruins of Lowenburg Castle.

7. Dötlingen – A Blend of Nature and Culture in Lower Saxony

The Lower Saxony town of Dotlingen is a mix of nature and culture. This town is right in the middle of the Wildeshauser Geest Nature Park. This village is dedicated to protecting its natural and cultural history. It is a peaceful place to escape to with forests, heathland, and cute thatched houses.

8. Wechmar: Tracing the Musical Trajectories of Bach

In the shadow of the “Drei Gleichen”houses, Wechmar is proud of its ties to the Bach family of musicians. Check out the Bach family home and other nearby sites that are connected to Johann Sebastian Bach.

9. Obercunnersdorf- A Half- Timbered House Haven

Around 250 “Umgebindehauser”live in Obercunnersdorf in eastern Saxony. These are a unique style of building made of wooden planks and half-timbered walls. Take your time and walk or ride your bike to see these ancient homes.

10. Germerode: A Show in a Poppy Field

In the summer, purple flower fields cover Germerode, making for a beautiful sight. You can see this outdoor show on foot, by wagon, or in a carriage. Not to be missed are the historic Premonstratensian Monastery and the Meissner Mountain Game Park, which is close by.

These 10 villages show how much Germany cares about protecting its culture and natural heritage. Each one gives you a different experience, from beautiful scenery to historical information. These towns offer a memorable trip into Germany’s heartland, whether you’re interested in nature, history, or just peace and quiet.

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