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10 Essential Travel Tips for Colombia

A Guide to Having a Safe and Fun Colombian Adventure

Welcome to magnificent scenery, rich culture, and bustling cities! Colombia, a South American treasure, attracts travellers with its unique options. Every part of Colombia has a tale, from the cold heights of Bogotá to the balmy, sandy beaches of Cartagena. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-timer, exploring this gorgeous country may be fascinating and terrifying. We’ve prepared 10 practical and insightful recommendations to maximise your Colombian vacation. Colombia awaits you, with adventures around every corner!

1. Recognising "No Dar Papaya"

The Colombian term “no dar papaya” translates to “don’t give papaya,” which means “don’t make yourself an easy target for theft.” Avoid displaying valuable products on the street, such as phones or cameras. Using an anti-theft bag can help you feel more secure.

2. Packing for a Variety of Climates

The weather in Colombia varies widely. Bogotá frequently experiences lower temperatures, although coastal regions like Cartagena are warmer all year. It is critical to pack for the specific places you will be going.

3. Illegal but Common Cab-hailing Apps

Despite being technically illegal, ridesharing apps such as Uber are extensively utilised for safe transportation. Remember to sit in the front seat to give the impression that you are the driver’s friend.

4. Airport Transfers: Plan Ahead of Time

Due to safety concerns, avoid using ridesharing apps or cabs immediately from the airport. A shuttle service booked via your hotel is a dependable choice.

5. Water Safety

While tap water in cities is generally safe, it is not uniform across the country. Carrying a water filter device, such as the Grayl Geopress, is recommended, especially in remote areas

6. Awareness of High Altitude

Bogotá, for example, is located at a high elevation. Take it easy during the first several days to acclimatise, and avoid alcohol and strenuous activity.

7. Discover Natural and Urban Wonders

Colombia’s appeal lies in the variety it offers. Plan your journey to explore both cities and nature, from urban food markets to the palm trees of Valle de Cocora.

8. Guided Tours: A Great Place to Begin

Participating in guided walking tours in places such as Bogotá allows you to learn about the local culture, history, and geography. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other travellers.

9. Domestic Travel

Domestic travel inside Colombia is moderately cheap, whether by bus or air. Internal flights are reasonably priced on airlines such as Avianca and LATAM.

10. Dress Properly and Travel Lightly

Dressing smartly but not flashily will help you blend in. Colombians are trendy, so looking polished but not clearly expensive can help you fit in. Travelling light also makes it easier and less noticeable.

10. Dress Properly and Travel LightlyConclusion

When you’re well-prepared, visiting Colombia can be an enriching experience. These recommendations can help ensure a safe, pleasurable, and authentic Colombian vacation, from understanding local customs to dressing appropriately. Remember that each place has its own distinct flavour, so enjoy the variety and embrace every minute!

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