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10 Must-Buy Brazilian Souvenirs for Travellers

Brazil, famed for its colourful culture and rich customs, has plenty of one-of-a-kind souvenirs to offer. Whether you visit the bustling cities or the tranquil beaches, you’ll find something special to take home with you. Here’s a complete list of the top Brazilian souvenirs.

1. Coffee from Brazil

Brazil, the world’s largest coffee grower, has a wide range of high-quality coffee brands to choose from. Some notable examples include Pimpinela Café, Bici Café, and 3 Coraçes Café. These are widely available in supermarkets and coffee shops.

2. Relics of Christ the Redeemer

Miniatures of Christ the Redeemer, Rio’s most recognisable monument, make for meaningful souvenirs. These are available in Rio’s gift shops in a variety of materials and sizes.

3. Sugarloaf Memorabilia

Sugarloaf Mountain memorabilia, like Christ the Redeemer, is a favourite souvenir. These are available in Rio’s big gift shops in materials such as steel, glass, and wood.

4. Brazilian Literature

“Captains of Sand” by Jorge Amado and “Dom Casmurro” by Machado de Assis are two examples of Brazilian literature. These books provide an in-depth look into Brazilian culture and history.

5. Cachaça

Cachaça, Brazil’s national liquor, is an absolute must-have. It’s in the caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink. Look for brands at supermarkets or distilleries.

6. Havaianas

In Brazil, Havaianas flip-flops are popular. They are more comfy and less expensive in Brazil than elsewhere. They can be found in official stores or shopping malls.

7. Canga

Cangas are multi-purpose Brazilian beach towels, comparable to sarongs. They are convenient, come in a variety of colours, and are great for relaxing on the beach.

8. Brazilian Jersey

The official Brazilian shirt is a soccer fan’s fantasy, representing Brazil’s soccer excellence. These colourful yellow and green jerseys are available at any Rio de Janeiro souvenir shop.

9. Crafts Using Gemstones

Brazilians frequently decorate their homes with gemstone crafts such as crystal trees. These are available in gemstone stores or during street fairs in big cities.

10. Swimwear

Brazilian swimwear is an excellent keepsake because of its elegant and simplistic design. They can be found at local shops or vendors in coastal cities.


Brazil has a wide variety of one-of-a-kind and traditional souvenirs. Each item on this list, from coffee to art, offers an insight into Brazil’s rich and diverse culture. These souvenirs are ideal for sharing a piece of Brazil with loved ones or keeping them as a reminder of your incredible vacation.

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