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15 Mexican Dishes to Make Your Mouth Do the Jarabe Tapatío

Friend(s), if you’re in Mexico or planning a trip to North-America’s most Foodie country, you’re doing the nicest thing to you and anyone you care about. 

Because your/their burritos are waiting to get tasted like a tango with taste buds. Mexico is at the south of the border if you look at the World Map!  

Anyways, we’re here to talk about Mexican food, not world geography (although it’s fascinating). This north-american contry’s food is so vibrant, so spicy, it’ll make your abuela do the Macarena (yes, the very popular Mexican song :D). 

So, put on your sombrero of anticipation, because we’re serving up top 15 dishes that’ll rock your tongue (in a most foodie and Mexican way possible):


  1. Chilaquiles: Imagine crunchy tortilla triangles drenched in salsa, like a spicy siesta for your tongue. Top it with chorizo, shredded chicken, or an egg so sunny it belongs on a telenovela, and prepare for breakfast bliss that’ll banish any grumpiness faster than a telenovela slap.


  1. Tacos: The art of eating with a tortilla, and Mexicans have made it a masterpiece. From juicy carne asada to wacky fillings like escamoles (ant larvae, yes, you read that right!), there’s a taco for every adventurer. Just don’t blame us if you find yourself craving them at 3 am, serenaded by mariachi crickets.


  1. Pozole: This hearty stew comes with a myth wilder than a telenovela plot twist – pre-conquest pozole used human flesh! Thankfully, these days it’s packed with juicy chicken or turkey, swimming in a spicy red or green broth so good, you’ll understand why Xolos dogs almost went extinct (they were delicious, apparently).


  1. Menudo: Don’t let the “tripe soup” label scare you off, amigos. This hangover-curing concoction is a love letter to Mexican grandmas and their secret ingredients. Imagine warm, spicy goodness with hominy and onions, and maybe just forget about the tripe part. It’s like a telenovela plot twist – unexpected, but heartwarming in the end.


  1. Cochinita Pibil: Slow-cooked pork marinated in achiote paste and wrapped in banana leaves? Sign us up! This Yucatan Peninsula delight is so flavorful, it’ll make you want to buy a hammock and take a siesta under a palm tree, telenovela reruns playing softly in the background.


  1. Discada: Forget your fancy grills, amigos, this northern dish is cooked on a plow disc! It’s a carnivore’s carnival – sausages, chorizo, ground meat, ham, bacon, all sizzling in a symphony of spices. Add jalapeños and onions for a spicy twist, and prepare for a flavor fiesta that’ll have you shouting “olé!” with every bite.


  1. Huaraches: Think of these as the sumo wrestlers of the tortilla world – thick, hearty corn tortillas topped with anything from carne asada to vegetables, cheese, and salsa. One bite and you’ll understand why they’re named after the sandals worn by Mexican peasants – they’ll fill your belly and keep you going all day long.


  1. Tlayuda: The “Mexican pizza,” this Oaxacan giant is a corn tortilla the size of your sombrero, piled high with tasajo (dried pork), chorizo, cheese, and beans. It’s a meal fit for a telenovela hero, and sharing it with your amigos is the ultimate act of bonding (unless you get competitive over the last bite, then things might get telenovela-dramatic).


  1. Ceviche: This Peruvian import has found a special place in Mexican hearts (and stomachs). Fresh seafood marinated in lime juice, chilies, onions, and cilantro – it’s like a refreshing ocean wave crashing on your tastebuds. Just don’t blame us if you start speaking fluent Spanish after a few bites.


  1. Pescado Zarandeado: Picture this: fresh red snapper marinated in an aromatic chili blend, slowly smoked on a grill while being basted with the marinade. Every bite is a smoky, spicy tango on your tongue, and the only dance moves required are raising your eyebrows in appreciation.


Now that your mouth is filled with water, I understand you’d like to continue the list of 15 Mexican dishes while adhering to safety guidelines. 


So, here are 5 additional dishes to add to your keynotes:


  1. Carnitas: Imagine pork so tender it falls apart at the mere mention of the word “delicious.” That’s carnitas, amigos. Fried in lard and cooked in copper pots for hours, it’s the kind of dish that makes you forget your telenovela diet plan and dive headfirst into a taco.


  1. Tlayudas: We know, we already mentioned them, but this Oaxacan masterpiece deserves a double mention. Just picture the satisfaction of tearing off a piece of that giant tortilla, piled high with your favorite toppings, and devouring it like a telenovela villain conquers a business empire.


  1. Enchiladas Verdes: Imagine soft corn tortillas bathed in a creamy, verdant tomatillo sauce, filled with melty cheese and onions. Every bite is a fresh, herbaceous fiesta in your mouth.


  1. Mole Poblano: This complex Oaxacan sauce, bursting with chilies, spices, and even chocolate, takes center stage on tender chicken. It’s a symphony of flavors, rich and bold, that will leave you speechless (except maybe for “más, por favor!”).


  1. Churros: Crispy, golden spirals of fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar – need we say more? Churros are the perfect sweet ending to any Mexican meal, ideal for dipping in warm chocolate sauce or sharing with amigos.


Remember, amigos, Mexican food is more than just a foodiest adventure ever; it’s a celebration of one of the oldest cultures in North America, family, and flavor. So get your appetite ready like never before, gather your good old friends, and prepare to dance with joy at the food-feast of a lifetime!


Enjoy the deliciously pure Mexican journey!

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