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15 most exciting tours and trips in Puerto Rico.

Are you thinking about going to Puerto Rico for your dream vacation? People love the island because it has great weather, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and lots of fun things to do. Our guide has put together a list of the 21 most exciting tours and trips you can take while you’re there.

Bioluminescent Bay Tour: Take a night boat tour of Puerto Rico's beautiful
bioluminescent bays to see thousands of organisms glowing in the dark.

El Yunque Rainforest Tour: The El Yunque jungle Tour lets you see the lush and
varied El Yunque jungle, which is the only tropical rainforest in the US National
Forest system.

Old San Juan Walking Tour: Learn about the city’s past as you walk through the historic district, stopping at famous landmarks and enjoying delicious local food.

Culebra Catamaran Tour: Take a catamaran to Culebra, a paradise known for
its beautiful beaches and turquoise water, for a day of fun and rest.

Casa Bacardí Rum Tasting Tour: Bacardí is the world's biggest premium rum
distillery, and you can tour, taste, and even make your own rum there.

Fajardo’s Laguna Grande Bio Bay: Kayak through the sparkling waters of Laguna Grande at night to see its mesmerising bioluminescence.

Tour on Horseback: Go on a journey on horseback through Isabela, Vieques, El Yunque National Forest, and Luquillo beaches, among other places.

Restaurant Hop in Old San Juan: In Old San Juan’s charming streets, you can go on a culinary adventure by trying different foods, drinks, and traditional meals.

Tour of the Rainforest by Zip Line: Fly through the trees of the Puerto Rican rainforest and enjoy the beautiful views and thrills.

Icacos Island Tour: Discover the isolated beauty of Icacos Island, which can only be reached by boat and has beautiful beaches, clear water, and great snorkelling.

The Monster Excursion: The Monster Zipline is one of the longest in the world and is perfect for thrill-seekers who want to experience amazing views and heart-racing speeds.

Jet Ski Tour: Take a jet ski tour around Isla Verde and go from island to island at your own pace, enjoying the clear seas.

Gozalandia Tour: See the beautiful Gozalandia Waterfall, which is tucked away in a lush bush and has cool pools where you can swim and go hiking.

LED Night Kayaking Tour: Paddle through the Condado Lagoon at night on kayaks that are lit up with LEDs. This is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of the water at night.

Jet snorkelling: You can easily see what’s underwater when you jet snorkel in San Juan. In the clear water, you can even swim with turtles.These 15 exciting tours and trips will give you the chance to see all of Puerto Rico’s beautiful scenery and exciting activities. Get ready for an amazing adventure that you will never forget on this beautiful island!

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