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A Quick Guide to the Tango Country- Argentina

Argentina, an energetic and varied country, is located in South America’s Southern Cone. This blog offers simple facts about Argentina, making it an excellent starting place for anyone interested in learning more about this interesting country.


Argentina is located in South America’s bottom half, known as the Southern Cone. It is a region of the continent to the south.


Argentina is the second-largest country in South America, after Brazil, and the eighth largest in the globe, with an area of 2.79 million square kilometres.

The Capital city

Argentina’s capital is Buenos Aires, sometimes known as the Capital Federal or CABA. It’s a thriving metropolis known for its rich culture and history.


Argentina has a population of 45.81 million people. Buenos Aires is home to one-third of them, making it a key hub of activity in the country.


The predominant language spoken in Argentina is Spanish, reflecting the country’s rich cultural past.


The Argentine Peso, abbreviated as ARS and represented by the dollar sign ($), is the currency used here. Money matters might be complicated in Argentina, so do your homework before you arrive.

Emergency Contact Information

In an emergency, phone 911 for police and 107 for medical assistance.


Argentina, from its bustling cities to its peaceful rural parts, is a country of tremendous beauty and various landscapes. Understanding these fundamental truths about Argentina is the first step towards appreciating everything the country has to offer. Argentina is a country full of surprises and interesting experiences, whether you’re contemplating a trip or simply interested in this portion of the world.

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