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An Exploratory Road Trip Through Nigeria


Have you ever considered taking a road trip to Nigeria? It’s a fantastic idea! Nigeria is home to over 250 distinct ethnic groups. Travelling by car is an excellent opportunity to explore many differen areas and meet many different people. The roads have just got better so now is a fantastic time to go exploring.

1. Begin in Lagos or Kano: You can start your road adventure in the south from Lagos, the busy former metropolis, or in the north from Kano, the historic city. In any case, brace yourself for a string of surprises. As you drive, you’Ll see how the scenery varies, from woods to rocky places, savannahs to creeks.

2. Experience Local Life: During your journey, you will pass through several states and regions. Markets beam with friendly people in each location. During the dry season, you may see residents gathering firewood or preparing their farms for planting.

3. Pay Attention to Changes: As you travel, you will notice changes in housing, clothing, and even the weather. Look for various fishing huts, boats, and gear as you go through the Niger Delta’s riverine zones.

4. Hire a Local Driver: If you're new to Nigeria or unfamiliar with the roads, it’s best to hire a local driver. This allows you to unwind and fully appreciate the scenery.

5. Some Excellent Road Trips:

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta: This is a vacation for cultural buffs. Drive from Lagos to Abeokuta, a mediaeval town with stunning rock formations. Try the local delicacy of Ofada rice and stew.

Ikot Abasi: Ideal for those who are interested in history. This town has several old buildings and a slave trading heritage.

Wase Rock: Popular among rock climbers. The drive from Jos to Wase town is breathtaking, and the rock is a sight to behold.

Ile Ife: This is the location to learn about traditional African religions. It’s a city densely packed with shrines and temples.

Confluence Town, Lokoja: For people who appreciate natural beauty and history. It is the junction of two large rivers and has several beautiful hiking hills.

Ore Highway: Nature and wildlife enthusiasts will like the Ore Highway. You’ll view woodlands and have the opportunity to stop at Okomu National Park for bird watching.

Conclusion: A road trip in Nigeria is an adventure full of new experiences, breathtaking scenery, and fascinating people. There’s a path for everyone, whether you’re interested in nature, culture, or history. So, come ready for an adventure and a chance to see the numerous faces of Nigeria!

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