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Christmas in Cusco: A Guide to Holiday Traditions and Activities

Christmas in Cusco is a unique blend of traditions, festive markets, and cheerful celebrations, providing a unique experience for both locals and visitors. If you’re planning on spending Christmas in this lovely Peruvian city, here’s what to expect and how to make the most of your time there.

Visiting Cusco

Consider staying at hostels for a relaxing and enjoyable visit. It is the ideal location for meeting travellers from all around the world and sharing holiday stories.

Visiting Christmas Markets

The Plaza de las Armas Christmas markets are a must-see. These marketplaces are filled with holiday goodies, handcrafted products, and classic Peruvian things like alpaca fur caps. They truly capture the holiday vibe of Cusco.

Relaxation and pampering

Unwind with a peaceful massage after touring the city or trekking paths like the Inca Trail. Many local spas offer special Christmas treatments, making them an ideal way to unwind.

Christmas Specialties from Around the World

No Christmas in Cusco is complete without sampling Panetón, a delicious bread that is a seasonal favourite. Enjoy it while strolling through the bustling night markets, which sell a variety of holiday treats and presents.

Christmas Eve Festivities

Christmas Eve in Cusco is traditionally marked by a family feast featuring chicken soup, followed by midnight fireworks. This is the time of day when the city truly comes to life with light and colour. Many residents and visitors congregate to watch the fireworks, creating a social and joyous mood.

Activities for the Holidays

Those looking for a little adventure can spice up their Christmas Eve by visiting the Cusco Casino. Though gambling is a minor component of the holiday experience, it is a pleasant way to interact with the city’s nightlife.

Seeing the Cusco Fireworks

The midnight fireworks display is one of the attractions of Christmas in Cusco. Many residents and visitors come together on rooftops with fireworks and sparklers to watch the sky light up, producing an incredible view of the city.


Christmas is a time of pleasure, tradition, and community in Cusco. Cusco offers a unique and wonderful Christmas experience, whether you’re visiting the festive markets, participating in local rituals, or simply enjoying the holiday mood. Immerse yourself in the lively culture and festive mood of this magnificent Peruvian city this Christmas season.

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