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Discover the captivating Land of the Rising Sun

Travellers are enticed to a country that is steeped in ancient traditions and modern technologies, with unparalleled natural beauty. The guide will help those planning their first vacation in Japan find their way in this amazing country.

When to Visit Japan

Cherry Blossom Season: It is beautiful but also crowded and expensive.

Cheapest Time to Visit: The low season is winter and it has fewer tourists and lower prices.

Weather-Wise Best Time: Early spring and late autumn provide pleasant temperatures without being crowded.

Packing Essentials for Japan

Layers: Bring your clothes accordingly because in Japan there are four seasons.

Warm Inner Wear and Jackets: Essential for winters.

Towel and Adapter: You should bring your own towels as many accommodations do not provide them and remember to take a universal adapter for your devices.

Staying Connected in Japan

Local SIM Cards: Quite expensive, but can be found at airport shops and stores.

Wi-Fi Access: Available in hotels and in restaurants in big cities, but less in the countryside.

Must-Visit Places in Japan

Tokyo: Stroll through the Asakusa district to experience the old-world charm.

Kyoto: A lovely city, but a bit congested during the cherry blossom season.

Osaka: An active Japanese city portraying urban modernism.

Offbeat Places: Nara Mie-Kansai, Nagano, Hiroshima, Matsumoto, and southern destinations like Aso, Kurokawa, and Yakushima offer a more tranquil experience.

Accommodations in Japan

Ryokan: Authentic Japanese inn experience.

Homestays and Guesthouses: Is affordable and creates a local experience.

Hostel Pods: Particularly in the case of Tokyo, very affordable.

Budgeting for Japan

Accommodation: These are the expensive hostels and guesthouses.

Food: Local cuisines range between INR 1000 and 3000.

Transport: However, the budget for bullet train rides is quite limited, and the regional passes can come in handy.

Language and Communication

English Proficiency: In Japan outside of touristy areas like Tokyo and Kyoto.

Basic Japanese Phrases: Essential for smoother communication.

Japanese Survival Phrases Podcast: As a good starting point to get acquainted with the most common phrases.

Japan Rail Pass: Is It Worth It?

Cost-Effectiveness: In particular, very suitable for several interstate journeys.

Vegan in Japan

Tokyo and Kyoto: Plenty of vegan options available.

Countryside: Vegan Food isn’t easily available

Insurance for Travel:

Japan is one of the costliest nations, so it is important to go with a reliable travel insurance policy.

Safety in Japan

The country of Japan is considered to be among the safest in the world, to the extent that even a person travelling alone at night can feel secure there.

Dealing with Coronavirus

Follow travel alerts and take the normal precautions for healthy travelling.

Japanese Etiquette for Tourists

Politeness: Essential in all interactions.

Eating and Smoking: Avoid doing these while walking.

Chopstick Etiquette: Important for most meals.

Travelling to Japan: An Adventure of a Lifetime

There is no travel experience superior to that of Japan, a blend of the ancient with the new wonders. Those who travel to Japan etch the memories of either the vibrant city or the calm countryside. Remember that the best trip is the one that is prepared for, so pack your bags, learn some words and get ready for the unforgettable journey to the country of the rising sun!

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