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Hawaii Stays That Won't Break the Bank

Greetings travelers!

Want to visit Hawaii but are worried about how much it will cost? Great news! There are cheap ways to enjoy Hawaii. There are cheap places to stay that you can find in this guide.

Hawaii hotels on a budget:

Hostels: Hawaii has a lot of hostels. Some hostels give more than just a bed. They might offer free breakfast, rides to and from the airport, surf lessons, snorkel rentals, BBQ nights, trips, and surf lessons. Check the prices of different items and see what extras you can get for a little extra money.


Airbnbs are a cheap way to stay on the Big Island. There are unique places like bush huts with showers outside. Getting to know locals can also help you find places that aren’t crowded with tourists.


Like being outside? Hawaii has cheap camping. You can sleep outside with the stars and wake up to a beautiful view. One more thing: your neighbors won’t be as loud as they are in a hotel.


This is great for people who fly alone. Strangers will let you stay with them for free, and they may even show you around. Don’t forget to read reviews and have a plan B.

House sitting:

When you housesit, you stay in someone else’s home and take care of it for free. It’s a great way to enjoy Hawaii without paying a lot for a hotel.

Work away

People in the area will let you stay with them for free if you do some charity work through Workaway. Additionally, it helps you save cash and make new friends.

Money-Saving Ideas:

  • To save money on food, look for places to stay that have kitchens.
  • Try to find hostels that offer free food or snorkeling gear.
  • You could cut costs by sharing rooms.
  • Free shuttles and bus stops close by can save you money.
  • For better rates, stay away from busy times like Golden Week in late April and early May.

In short:

Hawaii trips don’t have to cost a lot of money. You can enjoy Hawaii’s beauty without spending a lot of money thanks to cabins, camping, couchsurfing, and cheap hotels. Plan your trip to heaven and enjoy it without spending much money.

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