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Hidden Gems: Canada's 20 Most Magical Restaurants

If you’re in Canada or planning a trip to enjoy a few days there, do not leave the country without having unforgettable dining experiences at its top restaurants? 

Spanning from the tip of Vancouver Island to the edge of Newfoundland, Canada has a chain of world class magical restaurants. Each one offers a unique atmosphere and culinary experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

So, don’t miss out on these hidden gems of Canadian cuisine:

1. MON LAPIN, Montreal: 

Known for its innovative and seasonal menu, MON LAPIN offers a delightful dining experience with a focus on natural wines.

2.PLUVIO, Ucluelet, B.C.: 

PLUVIO is a charming restaurant that showcases the best of West Coast cuisine, featuring locally sourced ingredients and creative dishes.

3.MASTARD, Montreal:

MASTARD is a hidden gem in Montreal, serving up a fusion of French and Asian flavors in a cozy and intimate setting.


This restaurant offers a unique farm-to-table experience, with an emphasis on organic and biodynamic ingredients, paired with exceptional wines.

5.THE FISH MAN, Richmond, B.C.: 

As the name suggests, THE FISH MAN specializes in fresh seafood dishes, offering a wide selection of fish and shellfish prepared with culinary expertise.

6.EDULIS, Toronto: 

EDULIS is a celebrated restaurant in Toronto known for its refined and seasonal menu, showcasing the best of Canadian ingredients.

7.DAMAS, Montreal: 

DAMAS offers an exquisite taste of Syrian cuisine in Montreal, with a menu featuring traditional dishes and flavors from the Middle East.

8.ONE2 SNACKS, Scarborough, Ontario: 

ONE2 SNACKS is a hidden gem in Scarborough that serves up delicious and authentic Asian street food, including dumplings and noodles.


Specializing in seafood delicacies, PRIME SEAFOOD PALACE offers a wide range of fresh and flavorful dishes that are sure to satisfy seafood lovers.

10.MALLARD COTTAGE, St. John’s: 

Located in St. John’s, MALLARD COTTAGE is known for its rustic charm and traditional Newfoundland cuisine, highlighting local ingredients and flavors.

11.SUPPLY & DEMAND, Ottawa: 

SUPPLY & DEMAND is a popular spot in Ottawa that offers a modern twist on Italian cuisine, with a menu featuring handmade pasta and creative dishes.

12.FISHMAN LOBSTER CLUBHOUSE, Scarborough, Ontario: 

FISHMAN LOBSTER CLUBHOUSE is renowned for its massive seafood feasts, particularly their famous lobster dishes that are perfect for sharing.

13.BERNHARDT’S, Toronto: 

BERNHARDT’S is a cozy and inviting restaurant in Toronto that specializes in classic European cuisine, offering dishes inspired by French and German traditions.

14.JINBAR, Calgary: 

JINBAR is a vibrant Ethiopian restaurant in Calgary, serving up traditional dishes bursting with flavors and spices.

14.PORTAGE, St. John’s: 

PORTAGE is a unique dining destination in St. John’s that offers a creative and ever-changing menu inspired by local ingredients and global influences.

15.GURU LUKSHMI, Mississauga, Ontario: 

GURU LUKSHMI is a beloved Indian restaurant in Mississauga known for its authentic flavors and extensive menu of traditional Indian dishes.

16.OCA PASTIFICIO, Vancouver:

OCA PASTIFICIO is a pasta lover’s paradise in Vancouver, offering fresh and handmade pasta dishes that are sure to satisfy any carb craving.

17.ELENA P.S., Montreal: 

ELENA P.S. is a trendy pizzeria in Montreal that serves up delicious wood-fired pizzas with creative toppings and a welcoming atmosphere.

18.PUBLISHED ON MAIN, Vancouver: 

PUBLISHED ON MAIN is a cozy neighborhood restaurant in Vancouver known for its comforting and flavorful dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

19.RIVER CAFÉ, Calgary: 

Located in Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park, RIVER CAFÉ offers stunning views of the Bow River along with an exceptional menu featuring regional Canadian cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients.

20.RIVER CAFÉ, Calgary: 

Located in Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park, RIVER CAFÉ offers stunning views of the Bow River along with an exceptional menu featuring regional Canadian cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients.

Well! These are the popular culinary destinations, local cuisines and dishes across Canada that are worth trying for visitors who want to experience local Canadian cuisine. 

If you’re on the verge of realizing that everything in life is falling into place, it’s the perfect time to apply for a Visa and plan a trip that’s both enjoyable and stress-free. May your journey always be happy and memorable.

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