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Kauai, Hawaii's Paradise Island, in a Nutshell

Hello there, travelers!

Are you thinking of visiting Kauai in Hawaii? Excellent decision! Kauai is a lovely island with many interesting sites to visit. Let us make it as simple as possible for you to determine where to stay and what to do.

Kauai Lodging Options:

South Side (Koloa, Lawai, Poipu): This is a sunny area with beautiful beaches. It’s ideal for seeing spectacular sunsets. Here you’ll find luxurious hotels and delectable cuisine. However, it is somewhat busy and a long journey from the North Shore.

North Shore (Princeville, Hanalei, Kilauea): This area has beautiful beaches and mountains. Ideal for romantic getaways and luxurious stays. However, it rains more frequently and is located distant from other island attractions.

East Coast (Kapaa, Lihue, Wailua): Also known as the Coconut Coast, it is central and affordable. Excellent for shopping and dining. The beaches are pleasant but not as beautiful as others.

West Side (Waimea, Hanapepe): This area is drier and quieter, being close to Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Park. There aren’t many hotels or businesses, but it’s ideal for wildlife enthusiasts.

Things to Do on Kauai That Are Fun:

  • Beaches to visit include Tunnels, Kee, and Poipu. They are stunning!
  • Sightseeing highlights include the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon.
  • Hiking: For spectacular vistas, try the Kalalau, Nounou, or Kuilau routes.
  • Activities include taking land excursions, ocean tours, and even helicopter trips.

Travel Advice

  • When is the best time to visit: April to June and September to November are often considered the best times to visit Kauai for a balance of good weather, fewer crowds, and reasonable prices. 
  • How to Get Around: Rent a car for independence, or take buses and taxis.
  • Customs and Excise: Say ‘Aloha,’ take off your shoes inside, and appreciate nature.

Why choose Kauai?

Kauai is unique because of its natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy beaches, hiking, or simply relaxing.

We hope this guide assists you in planning your ideal trip to Kauai. Check out our complete guides to each region and activity for more information. Travel safely!

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