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Morocco Travel Guide for a Fun and Safe Vacation

Morocco’s vivid culture, colorful scenery, and rich history attract travelers seeking unique experiences. Navigating this lovely but busy country demands awareness and preparedness. This detailed guide will help you travel safely and enjoy Morocco.

Morocco Safety Overview

Tourists can safely visit Morocco due to falling crime rates. Pickpocketing and scams are more common than violent crimes. Solo travellers, especially women, should be alert but violent crime is unusual.

Essential Morocco Travel Safety Tips

Avoid walking alone at night: Stay in well-lit, crowded areas. Keep unnecessary valuables at home.

Conservative Dress: Cover arms, shoulders, and legs, especially for ladies, to respect Muslim culture. It blends in and reduces attention.

Be wary of jewellery: Avoid shining jewellery and safeguard your phone and money.

Travelling the Medina: Avoid isolated lanes and stay in public areas to avoid theft.

Scam Alert: Politely decline invites to shops or services like henna or unwanted mentoring, which sometimes involve high-pressure sales.

Negotiate: Always negotiate taxi fares before leaving to avoid overcharges.

Travel Insurance: Get travel insurance for peace of mind and unexpected events.

Local Customs and Culture

Although holding hands is permissible, public displays of affection are discouraged, especially for LGBTQ couples as homosexuality is prohibited.

Alcohol: Legal in hotels, pubs, and tourist zones. Avoid unlicensed public drinking.

Unmarried couple accommodations: Usually not a problem for foreigners, but verify with the hotel.

Highlights of Morocco

Morocco has a variety of sensory experiences, from its delicious food to its beautiful architecture and bustling marketplaces. It takes additional caution to visit Fez, with its crowded medina, but its rich cultural tapestry is worth it.

Solo Travel to Morocco

Solo travel in Morocco is safe but difficult, especially for first-timers and female solo travellers. Group tours are excellent for getting to know the place before going alone.

Transportation and Health Advice

  • Generally safe; use metered cabs when available.
  • Drinking tap water? Try a filtered bottle.
  • Medical Warnings: Check for needed vaccines before your trip.

Enjoying Moroccan Charm

The bustling of the medinas against the tranquillity of the desert, and the modernity of cities against the timelessness of mountain towns make Morocco appealing. Open your imagination to these contrasts and expect the unexpected.


Morocco can be a rewarding trip if you follow local customs. Follow these safety tips and enjoy Morocco’s distinct charm to make your trip memorable.

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