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Top 10 Amazing Activities to Experience in Peru

Peru, a place of breathtaking scenery and rich culture, has something for every tourist. From the historic ruins of Incan towns to the bustling streets of Lima, here are the top ten activities you must do when visiting this South American treasure.

1.Explore Machu Picchu

Set out on an adventure to Machu Picchu, an Incan architectural marvel and one of the world’s new seven wonders. This amazing mountain landmark is not only a testimony to Incan engineering but also a symbol of human dedication and courage.

2.Trek up Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain.

Swap the crowded Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain for Palccoyo’s quiet beauty. The journey to this rainbow-coloured mountain is a visual treat, thanks to a natural mixture of minerals that has painted it in rainbow hues.

3.Investigate the Sacred Valley

Tour the Sacred Valley to learn about Peruvian history. Admire the historic settlements, salt mines, and terraces that showcase Incan architecture and farming prowess.

4. Machu Picchu Scenic Train Ride

Take one of the world’s most spectacular train rides to Machu Picchu. The train’s rooftop windows provide breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks, making the journey as exciting as the destination.

5. Wildlife Expedition in the Ballestas Islands

Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! The Ballestas Islands are home for a variety of animals, including penguins and dolphins. The craggy cliffs and bird-filled skies of the islands provide an amazing experience.

6.Climb South America's tallest sand dunes.

Visit Huacachina, a desert oasis surrounded by the highest dunes in South America. Climbing these dunes guarantees a one-of-a-kind sunset view unlike any other in Peru.

7. Admire the Volcanic Architecture of Arequipa.

Arequipa, noted for its white volcanic stone architecture, provides a look into Peru’s colonial history. The city’s lively marketplaces and the dormant Misti Volcano contribute to its allure.

8.Explore Cusco's Streets

Cusco, the historic Inca capital, combines Incan and Spanish colonial architecture. Explore the ‘Saqsayhuaman’ stone wall and old cathedrals, and take in the city views from numerous viewpoints.

9.Cycling in Lima

Discover Lima’s Street art, lush parks, and cliffs by bike. The city’s flat terrain is ideal for biking. You can also get your adrenaline fix by paragliding or surfing.

10.Journey into the Amazon Jungle

Delve into the heart of Peru’s Amazon jungle, which covers 60% of the country. Take walking and boat trips to learn about the local culture and wildlife, which includes seeing pink dolphins and hearing exotic birds.


Peru combines adventure, history, and natural beauty. Each of these ten activities offers a fresh perspective on the country’s rich heritage and breathtaking surroundings. Peru promises an amazing experience, whether you’re hiking historic routes, exploring busy cities, or marvelling at natural wonders.

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